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trenbolone acetate price

Combined preparation has analgesic, antipyretic and protivomigrenoznoe action. Eliminate the symptoms of “colds” and the flu. Paracetamol has analgesic, obezbolevayuschee action. Metamizole – a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, has obezbolevayuschee, antispasmodic effect on the smooth muscles of the urinary and biliary tract. Caffeine has a tonic effect (reduces sleepiness and fatigue, enhances mental and physical performance , increases the heart rate, raises blood pressure in hypotension). Codeine trenbolone acetate price has an analgesic effect and improves the portability of pain, phenobarbital – sedative and antispasmodic action.


Indications for use
Mild to moderately severe pain of various origins:. Headache, toothache, migraine, pain in muscles and joints, neuralgia, painful menstruation, with radiculitis, in traumatic and postoperative pain
sedan-M is also used to reduce elevated body temperature with “cold”, and other infectious and inflammatory diseases and flu.

: Hypersensitivity to the drug. Expressed human liver and kidneys; gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer (in the acute stage); bronchospasm; State, accompanied by respiratory depression, blood disorders (leukopenia, hemolytic anemia); increased intracranial pressure, head injury; acute myocardial infarction; cardiac arrhythmias; high blood pressure; deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase; alcohol intoxication; pregnancy and lactation; children’s age (12 years).Precautions: used in patients with impaired renal or hepatic function, with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in remission, the elderly.

Dosing and Administration
Inside during meals with some liquid. Take trenbolone acetate price when you need one tablet. If no satisfactory effect can take 1 tablet 4 times a day. The maximum single dose – 2 tablets daily and – 6 tablets.

The drug should not take more than 5 days in the appointment as an analgesic, and more than 3 days as antipyretic. Changing the dose and interval between doses set by the doctor.

Side effects:
Allergic reactions (rash, pruritus, urticaria), dizziness, drowsiness, decreased speed of psychomotor reactions, leukopenia, granulocytopenia, agranulocytosis, palpitations, nausea and vomiting, constipation.Prolonged uncontrolled administration of high doses may: violation of liver and kidney function; addictive (weakening of the analgesic effect); drug dependence (codeine). About all the side effects of the drug, including those not mentioned in this leaflet should be reported to your doctor.

If overdose occurs depression of the central nervous system, manifested by dizziness, sleepiness, slowing of reflexes, sometimes dry mouth, respiratory depression, significant weakness, and sometimes loss of consciousness. Treatment: Induce vomiting, stomach wash water, take activated carbon and carry out symptomatic treatment .

Interaction with other drugs  the simultaneous use of the drug with other non-narcotic analgesics may lead to increased toxicity. Tricyclic antidepressants, contraceptives oral, allopurinol increase the toxicity Metamizole. Barbiturates, phenylbutazone and other inducers of microsomal liver enzymes weaken action Metamizole. If readmission paracetamol may enhance the effect of anticoagulants (bishydroxycoumarin). Sedatives and tranquilizers increase the analgesic .  Adsorbents, binders and overlying means may reduce the absorption of codeine, which is a part of the drug in the gastrointestinal tract. Concomitant use with cyclosporine Metamizole reduces the level of the latter in the blood plasma. Caffeine accelerates the absorption of ergotamine. Metoclopramide accelerates the absorption of paracetamol.

Prolonged (more than 5 days) use trenbolone acetate price of the drug is necessary to monitor patterns of peripheral blood and functional state of the liver.
The drug may hinder diagnosis in abdominal pain syndrome, including the “acute” abdomen. In patients with atopic asthma, hay fever, there is an increased risk of developing hypersensitivity reactions. Can change the results of the analyzes of doping control of athletes.

Driving vehicles and perform work requiring concentration of attention. Most of the components acting on tsentalnuyu nervous system by changing psychomotor reaction, it is not recommended to take the drug while driving and operating machines that require attention. anabolic steroids online shop

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